Frequently Asked Questions

If you didn't find what you were looking for. Please contact us. Everything you want to know about tandem jumps we will answer personally.

No prediction is ever 100% certain. Keep in mind that all predictions are only probabilities. We usually decide whether the weather is suitable for tandem jumps or not in the morning. If it appears that we cannot operate safely, we will let you know immediately. We will then work together to agree a suitable back-up date or give you a full refund in the same way you originally paid (e.g. by bank transfer back to your account)
Yes. We use state-of-the-art equipment, including TOP parachutes made in the USA, which are regularly tested, certified and well taken care of. Safety and the assurance that the only thing you will take away from this experience is maximum excitement . Only professionally certified technicians pack our parachutes. Our reserve parachutes are repacked regularly (even when not in use) and we have them legally inspected. In addition, all of our tandem pilots have made at least 5000 jumps and have completed rigorous courses, so there is plenty of experience 😉 . We usually complete around 8-10,000 jumps each season and have been doing this for over 15 years. In all that time there has never been a single problem. By the way, did you know that statistically speaking, you are much more likely to be struck by lightning than a tandem skydive accident?😊
Each parachute is equipped with a main canopy and a reserve canopy. Every single one! As a passenger, you jump with a trained professional who knows perfectly what to do in an emergency and is able to handle such situations. Your safety is and always will be the number one priority. In addition, all our parachutes are equipped with Cypres AAD. This device continuously measures your speed and altitude in real time during the jump - and if you are falling too fast or too low, it automatically deploys a backup parachute.
Yes. Don't worry, inhaling and exhaling during freefall is very easy - you won't even notice you're doing it. You can also shout if you want, or keep your mouth closed or open as you like. None of this will hurt you or be uncomfortable in any way.
It's hard to believe at first, but you'll see for yourself. Fear of heights has no place here (same with commercial air travel). We say the same thing to anyone who is afraid of heights: It's like looking at satellite imagery on a map; at 4,000 meters (13,100 ft) or 6,000 meters (19,700 ft), the ground below is still pretty far away and kind of abstract. Trust us, you'll be so excited when you land that you'll want to go again right away. Fear of heights or not.
No, it's not necessary. If you were wearing a helmet, you could injure your tandem pilot who is in close proximity directly behind you. On the other hand, your tandem pilot must wear one because he is the one responsible for the safe progression of your jump and a smooth landing.
The weight limit is 120 kg (265 lbs). However, it all depends on your fitness level. To make sure you fit into our jumpsuits, your BMI should be no higher than 35.
Yes, they can. But either you or the children's legal guardian must complete and sign the application form for them. If you want your little ones to enjoy this experience with you, they must weigh at least 40 kg (88 lbs) and be at least 135 cm (4'5) tall to fit into our children's outfits. Please be sure to let us know how old your child is. Any child under 150 cm or 36 kg must be placed in a special car seat by law. If you don't let us know sooner, we can't transport them.
Of course. We have a special viewing platform where they can comfortably watch you. There are also refreshments and toilets.
Send us a picture of the costume you would like to jump in. From this we will try to judge whether it is safe to jump or not. As long as it does not compromise the safety of the jump, you can wear it. But in this case we take no responsibility if it gets dirty or damaged during the jump.
Wear only what you are comfortable and feel good in. Ideally some lightweight sports clothing that will fit under our suit made for tandem skydiving. We will of course lend you the jumpsuit for the jump. The only thing you will definitely need are good sports shoes that won't fall off your feet when you jump. For one thing, you would never find it again and it could end up being a danger to other skydivers. Avoid extremes like flip flops or hiking boots.
This is very individual. It is best to stick to the usual routine. Just don't overeat. Definitely don't follow any special "skydiving diet". In case you get a little nauseous on commercial air travel or on a roller coaster, don't eat anything close to jump time and instead just have a light snack.
In this case, we will either reschedule or refund you in the same way you originally paid (e.g. by bank transfer back to your account). The exception to this is last minute jumps, where we do not offer you a back-up date, we "only" refund you.
You must be over 18 years of age. If you are not, your legal guardian must complete and sign the application form for you.

The easiest way is, of course, to enter the location of our airport into your GPS navigation or mapping app on your mobile phone and just follow the instructions. Alternatively, here is PDF instructions on how to get here. Airport Most - LKMO:

  • tel. +420 602 325 394, +420 602 325 395

  • GPS: 50.52532.13.679088

  • (Open April-October: daily 9-17, November-March 9-16 Mon-Fri)

Everything is always up to the weather. Our typical year we start jumping at the beginning of April and at the end of the season at the end of October. We usually jump on weekends and holidays. It also depends on how many people want to jump with us on any given day. For specific dates, it's always best to check our calendar on the "Book Now" page, or call us at +420 724 002 002 or email us at .
You arrive at the airport and together we fill out a quick application form, then prepare for the jump, followed by a 5-20 minute briefing and off we go. The plane ride takes about 20 minutes. Freefall is 60 seconds or 90+ seconds and for the next 8-10 minutes you'll be cruising the sky on an open chute... Then it's time to take it all in, change back into your clothes, get your certificate and that's it. All in all, you shouldn't be done in more than 2 hours.
If you are buying for yourself, go to the "Book Now" page. If you want to give the tandem jump to someone else, go to the "Gift Certificate" page. There is a column on both sides to fill in the code. If you have a code, fill it in there and the discount should be deducted from the final price immediately.

Of course! Our team includes experienced videographers who are waiting to capture your special moments for you, including freefall and landing.

Our professional colleagues parachutists take care of the recording. Your videographer is able to record everything important from your jump. He or she will take pictures and video of you while you are riding the plane, and will also jump out of the plane with you (a few milliseconds beforehand to be exact) so that he or she can record your free fall, the moment your parachute opens, and even your landing. All you have to do is put a big old smile on your face and later impress everyone with your documented heroics!
Unfortunately no. 1 passenger in a tandem jump = 1 cameraman who takes footage during the whole jump. It is not possible to record more than one person in the air during a jump. Your cameraman is with you and close by at all times, there is no going back or waiting for another skydiver. Therefore, if you and your friends would like to have a recorded memory of your jump, you must both request a jump including photos and video.
There's no need at all. We store everything in our own secure cloud storage. So you can download your content whenever you want in the comfort of your own home.
Unfortunately, that's not possible. All equipment used for skydiving must be properly inspected and comply with our safety precautions. The only thing you can take with you in the air is a small key to your locker on the ground where you can store your belongings such as your mobile phone, car keys etc. ...
No, not even then, we're sorry. It might look like we're just trying to make more money from the photos, but trust us, the main and only reason is safety. And not just your safety, but the safety of everyone around you. Anyone in the air without the proper skills, experience and equipment can pose a danger to everyone around them. All the best skydiving locations around the world maintain the same safety precautions, feel free to ask around .😊
We shoot each video in Full HD resolution and editing such a large file takes a while. But don't worry, with our guarantee we'll have it ready for you within 72 hours. It will be waiting for you in our cloud storage where you can conveniently download all the memories of your fantastic experience. You'll find the link to your own cloud printed on the certificate you'll receive after your jump. If you still can't find your videos or photos there after 72 hours, be sure to give us a call or send us an email.
Yes, we can. We use a special selfie camera that is placed on the wrist of your tandempilot. (Check out our tandem jump gallery to see what it looks like) So you definitely won't lose the look on your face during the freefall. We're sure you'll be thrilled with all of your materials and enjoy the beautiful scenery around you as you cruise through the sky. We will combine all the footage from your selfie camera and from your videographer into one beautiful video.
In this case, either there was a technical failure or we made a mistake... it happens. If something like this happens, please visit our website . Here you can fill in your contact details and describe what the problem is. Our video editors will look into it right away and let you know what to do to get your video and images as soon as possible. There is also a live chat available on the site where someone is always online Monday-Friday 11am-2pm.
Don't panic... We have a full season's supply of your materials. All you have to do is send us an email to . Include your name and ideally the date and time of your jump so we can look it up quickly. Once we do, we'll send you a copy at no extra charge.
Yes, of course. We have a special dressing room. You can leave your clothes, bag, car keys, phone and other personal belongings here. None of which you need to worry about. These are very secure lockers, and you can take your airplane key with you. If you have larger luggage that needs to be taken care of, you can store it in our office. We will keep it safe 😉.
Unfortunately, no. Our team of tandem pilot instructors are now all male.
Great! We'd love to see you. Please send us an email to , please include a scanned copy of your license, logbook and medical certificate. You got all that? Great, we look forward to seeing you at the airport!
Yes. We'll just be glad you can enjoy all the breathtaking views around you to the fullest. So if you wear glasses, bring them with you. We'll give you an extra pair of glasses, big enough to put on your own. But if we may suggest, if you can, contact lenses are a better option here.
Of course, we always think about how to feel comfortable here. There is everything you need, good stable Wi-Fi connection, nice clean toilets and even a small snack bar.
In that case, please contact us as soon as you find something missing. Hopefully we'll find it before anyone else does. We check the lockers and cloakroom regularly during the day and put anything we come across in our lost and found. But it's still best to contact us as soon as possible. Call +420 732 333 777 or email .

Given the situation surrounding COVID 19, we have taken all necessary precautions and must ask you to follow the following guidelines and recommendations:

- We also require you as clients to wear a respirator, min. class FFP2, without an exhalation valve, on the aircraft just before boarding and throughout the flight.
Note: Before jumping out of the plane, on the instruction of the tandem instructor, remove the respirator and enjoy the free fall without restrictions
- Again, we remind you that it will be your responsibility to cover your upper respiratory tract with your own respirator and wear goggles during the flight. We will provide goggles at the reception in preparation for your tandem jump.